My X-Games Event Idea

I've come up with a new idea for the Winter X-Games.

I think they should send people down a slalom course inside a big plastic hamster ball wearing roller blades. They'll probably need some special gloves with very low-friction fingertips and a big rubber stopper in the palm.

Picture it. Awesome, right?

Leap Paycheque!

I, and most other people who get paid bi-weekly, get 26 paycheques a year.

Someone pointed out to me that if I take my gross pay and multiply it by 26, it comes out to less than my supposed annual salary.

As it turns out, it comes out to my annual salary minus exactly a day's worth of pay. This isn't accounting for leap years, when essentially I work an extra day for free.

I figured that there had to be some accounting for this discrepancy. Is there an adjustment somewhere? Is there some reason for this?

Well… I did some digging… which is to say I printed off a bunch of calendars and worked out the pay periods and found that every 14 years, there is a LEAP PAYCHEQUE! A year with 27 paycheques in it!!!

Now, this would have been a lot more exciting if it were nearby, but it's not. I figured out that if you get paid biweekly on Thursday, like I do, and if tomorrow is pay day for you… then the next Leap Paycheque will occur in 2020. 2020 will have three-pay months in January, July, and December!

So… woot! You heard it here first. Only 8 more years…

Incidentally, if you're on the opposite cycle, and NEXT Thursday is your payday, then your Leap Paycheque will come in 2015. Only 4 more years for you, you lucky bastard!

I Made Pies!

I'm not sure I've ever done a food post here, but here you go. I made these and they were delicious!!

Firstly, turkey pot pies, made from some of the leftover xmas turkey… which I'm still eating… still…

They were awesome! And hey… it was a different way to eat the turkey.

And for dessert…

Delicious cherry pies! I only got to eat one of those. The slightly gimpy one came about because I used the wrong plastic bit to cut out the top piece and cut big lines through it. I'm just happy it ended up pie-like and was still delicious. I gave my wife the awesome looking one. 🙂