Shootout Style!

There shouldn't be any argument at all here. 3 races in, the new double-file restart system in NASCAR is hands-down the best change they've made in years! It started off a bit slow, but last week at Sonoma and the race at Loudon going on right now are hugely entertaining in large part due to the double-file restarts. I mean, Sonoma is entertaining no matter what, but was even better because of the drama of the restarts at the end.

Now something that isn't working so well is the TNT commentators. When it takes them 5 minutes to get around to why we came back from commercial into a caution, that's just not right. Kyle Petty is annoying and they just seem to be blathering on half the time. I like Larry Mac but that's about it.

I can't wait to get to the Chase so we can get someone else in the booth. Fox did a great job at the start of the season (but for all the Digger crap). Can't wait for ABC's turn.

Maybe next year if Mikey isn't driving, TNT can pick him up. He's been good fun in the booth for the truck series and hilarious on TWIN. I'm sure he's got a lengthy career ahead of him commentating, just like his big brother.

Best Race My Ass has a story with this headline: Thank fuel mileage for the best race of the season. I'm calling shenanigans on that. Sure, the last 5 laps were great, but the race as a whole was just a boring as any I remember at Michigan. Until the end when people started running out of gas, there just wasn't anything to watch.

The few double-file restarts certainly added a little excitement when they came up, and I'm fully behind that new addition to the sport, but beyond that it was pretty much exactly what those who don't get NASCAR picture. A bunch of cars going around in circles with nothing much going on.

Sorry to burst the bubble. I'm a little sad that Michigan is the closest race to me and will likely be the first one I get to see in person. It just doesn't make for much excitement.

On the flip side, I guess if you're there in person, at least you can go get food and wander around the various trackside attractions without having to worry about missing anything on the track. You sure couldn't do that at a place like Martinsville!